Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are an essential part of the filtration system that keeps your pool water clean by removing unwanted dirt and debris. There are three main type of filers on the market, being: sand filters; cartridge filters (aka “element” filters); and, DE pool filters.


Sand filters feature a tank filled with sand with a valve on top, as well as plumbing with slits or slotted holes in the bottom of the tank underneath the sand. Starting from the valve located atop the filter unit, Dirt is trapped in the sand as it passes through the filter.


Cartridge filters feature a large tank with an interior almost completely taken up by a pleated paper of polyester element. Water travels through the swimming pool filter by entering the tank from around the outside of the element. Clean water is collected in the middle of the element as is then piped back into the swimming pool.


Finally, constructed similarly to cartridge filters, DE swimming pool filters consist of a fine power called Diatomaceous Earth; a synthetic coat inside the filter tank that has the same consistency as real DE powder.


Below you may see the range of swimming pool filters in Pool Magic Pool Care’s catalogue.