Pool Magic Multi Function Chlorine Floater

Trichloroisocyanuric acid tablet with Algaecide & Clarifier (tablets included)


All in ONE Floater, not need to touch the tablets, once empty it will float on its side
Minimum available chlorine is 900g/Kg, 7.5g/Kg present as Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate
75mm in Diameter
Inbuilt clarifier
Contains Isocyanuric Acid (stabiliser)
Low pH

Strong chlorine for efficient sanitation
Large surface area for effective dosing
Inbuilt algaecide frees up chlorine to fight bacteria
Inbuilt clarifier aids filtering impurities
Reduces demand for stabiliser
Lowers pH for more efficient chlorine action
No requirement for daily dosing
Ideal vacation treatment
One Floater does it all

Set floater to size of pool
Place complete floater in pool, do  not remove tablets

Pack Sizes Available:
1.5Kg (4 units/carton), 2Kg (6 units/carton), 10Kg & 50Kg

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