How to fix cloudy pool water in 4 easy steps

How to fix cloudy pool water in 4 easy steps

Have you come back to your pool only to find that the water looks more like milk than something you’d like to swim in? If so, you have a case of cloudy pool water on your hands.

Fortunately, this is something you can fix yourself. Though, don’t let the issue go too far, else you will need the help of a swimming pool maintenance professional like us.

Before we tell you how to clear up a cloudy pool, here are some common reasons that cause your pool water to turn milky.

Why your pool might be cloudy?

Getting your chemistry right is the trickiest part of pool ownership. Using the wrong or incorrect amount of pool chemicals can make your pool water go cloudy.

If you’re really not careful, then your efforts could result in extra algae growing inside your pool as well. Here are a few reasons your pool could have gone cloudy.

Imbalanced chlorine and pH levels: These two factors are the outright most common reasons for cloudy pool water. Though the pH level isn’t a direct cause, it affects how chlorine and other pool chemicals work in your water.

High total alkalinity: This causes pH and calcium scaling, which is related to cloudy pool water. If this happens, you need to raise your pH levels to restore balance. To do this you need to dilute and add muriatic acid to your pool. Then, let it aerate naturally. Finally, take readings of your pool’s pH levels after 6, 24 and 48 hours to make sure your chemicals are balanced.

High calcium hardness: Excess calcium leads to cloudy pool water and can even block up your filters when it begins to scale. Ultimately, it’s the lack of filtration as a result of too much calcium that will lead to cloudy pool water. Ideally, your calcium hardness levels should be between 200 and 400ppm.

How to clear cloudy pool water

1.     Get your water tested

Though it’s obvious that something’s wrong with your water just by looking at it, you need to take a reading of your pools chemical balance to see exactly what needs fixing.

You can do this yourself by buying a test kit, or you can take a sample of your water and bring it to us and we’ll do all the testing for you plus offer some advice.

2.     Use clarifier or flocculant

Sometimes, all your pool needs is for your filter to be able to remove particles more efficiently in order for your water to go clear. In this case, use a clarifier or even powder floc.

The idea behind using one of these two chemicals is that the particles will clump together and your filter is able to remove the larger particles from your pool more efficiently.

3.     Make your filter as efficient as possible

As your pool filter is most likely located toward the top of the pool, debris that get trapped at the bottom remain there and cause an imbalance in your pool water.

There are a couple of ways in which you can get debris back to the top of your pool and through your filter.

First, try vacuuming your pool but turn it upside down to stir the particles upward. This will occur as you’re mimicking the effects of having a drain located at the bottom of your pool.

If that doesn’t work then it’s time to simply apply some manual labour. Get a clean brush and start stirring the water and brushing your pools floor to unsettle the debris.

Also, clean your filter to improve efficiency, or if need be then replace it to make sure that debris are being taken out of your pool water properly.

4.     Perform regular pool maintenance

Finally, perform your year-round pool maintenance. This will ensure that your pool is always in its best shape and that there are no nasty surprises when the swimming season comes around. Steps you should take to reduce the chances of cloudy pool water include:

  • Regularly removing debris
  • Brushing the bottom and sides of your pool
  • Running the vacuum
  • Cleaning your filter
  • Testing pH levels
  • Shocking your pool

If you’re still not sure then contact us using the form below or visit us at our Factory Direct Pool Shop and we’ll help get your pool back in tip top shape.