Hosting a memorable pool party

Pool Party

Hosting a memorable pool party

If you’re a pool owner then you may find yourself the most popular person in your friend circle eu4int summer. Aussie summers are well and truly hot and your friends will be scouring their surroundings like meerkats for the nearest body of water. A pool party is one of the best ways to show your friends how much you love them during the hottest part of the year. Here’s how you can host a memorable pool party that your friends will appreciate.

Get your guest list sorted

Just like with any other party, a pool party begins with the guest list. Decide if you’d like a big or small pool party – don’t miss out on any of your closest friends, though! Also, don’t be afraid to mix friend circles with different interests. It gives everyone an opportunity to get to know people from different walks of life.

Safety is always top priority

Once you’ve sorted your guest list out safety takes top priority, especially if kids will be around. Organise a few designated supervisors to look over the children and rotate shifts so that everyone has fun throughout the party. Also, make sure you have your pool serviced a couple of weeks in advance, so that your water is sparkling clean when the guests come around. Finally, make sure there’s plenty of sunscreen and water around for everyone. You don’t want burnt and dehydrated guests.

Add décor for a personal touch

Here’s your chance to add your own personal touch to your pool party. Add decorations both in and around your pool. A couple of floaties will work well for both adults and children in the pool. Some balloons and reclining pool-side chairs are perfect around the pool. Also, make sure you don’t forget to include a snacks and drink station somewhere accessible as well.

Floatie for Pool Party

Snacks & Drink Station

Good hosts never let their guests go hungry or first, so food and drinks are a must. Keep food light. Nobody wants to walk around the pool with a bloated stomach. Think watermelon, grapes, rock melon, strawberries, crackers and dips. Kids are more likely to burn lots more energy around the pool though, so get a few sandwiches ready as well. As for drinks, water is your best friend on a hot summer’s day. Try infusing your water with some fruit for some flavour. Oranges, lemons and lime work a treat.

Get a playlist together and have fun

No party is complete without music and a pool party is not exempt. Choose some laid back tunes to create a relaxed atmosphere. And, finally, don’t forget to have fun yourself!