Choosing a Winter Pool Cover

Choosing a Winter Pool Cover

Winter is arriving really quick! If you haven’t begun thinking about closing your pool down for the season then you definitely should. Your pool needs protecting from the element when you’re not using it!

In our winter shutdown guide, we took you through several steps to closing your pool. One of those was getting a pool cover. We’re going to talk about that in detail here.

Continue reading to find out what types of pool covers are available for your pool.

Standard Winter Cover

The go-to option. Standard pool covers are made from tarp and represent a more affordable pool cover option. Like all other pool covers, they are designed to keep sunlight and debris out of your pool.

The major downside to these pool covers is they’re not too sturdy – put anything heavy on them and they won’t bid to well. One of the major concerns in this area for pool owners world wide is snow. Thankfully, we don’t need to worry about that in Adelaide!

Solid Safety Covers:

A more durable and longer lasting option, solid pool covers are designed to withhold weight and completely block out sunlight.

As the name suggests, these covers are solid, and that’s there only drawback. You’ll need a pool cover pump to get rid of any water that builds up. This can be come in handy, though.

A safety cover can add as another protective barrier if children happen to get past your pool gate unattended. The safety cover will prevent them from falling in.

A safety pool cover has some great safety benefits. If you don’t have children, however, this is an unnecessary option for pool owners in Adelaide.

Mesh Safety Covers:

Mesh safety covers are deceptively sturdy and have the added benefit of allowing water to pass through. They offer the same safety benefits that solid covers do.

They do tend to let some sunlight in as well, giving room for algae to grow over winter, and that’s the only major drawback.

Outside of their safety benefits, mesh covers are also unnecessary for pool owners in Adelaide.

Automatic Pool Covers:

This is the priciest option. So, what do you get? A solid safety cover at the touch of a button. These covers aren’t for every pool, however. If you have an unusually-shaped or an above-ground pool then an automatic cover won’t be a good fit.

Purchase any automatic pool cover if you have a larger rectangular-shaped pool. Like we mentioned, this type of pool cover gives you the benefits of all the pool covers above at the touch of a button.


Pool covers are something that pool owners simply can’t go without. If you own a pool, then speak to us about sorting your pool cover today. Our expert staff will point you in the right direction. We store Daisy Pool Covers, one of Australia’s most popular.

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