All You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Pumps

All You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Pumps

If a swimming pool was to be likened to the human body then the pump would be its heart. Pool pumps help keep your pool water clean by circulating water through your pool day after day.

Knowing what size pump you need is crucial. Many owners purchase pumps that are too big for their pool and doing so results in excessive electricity bills. Fitting the right size swimming pool pump means that you will get years of efficient use.

There are three main types of pool pumps – Single speed, dual-speed and variable speed. But first, let’s take a look at what a pool pump looks like:

The anatomy of a swimming pool pump:

Here’s how it works. The motor draws water into the pump and a basket catches large pieces of debris before water enters. The water is then pulled through to the impeller and forced out of the pump via the filter, heater and chlorine generator before finally ending up back in your pool.

Single-Speed Pumps

This is the most comment type; a traditional pool pump that pool owners have used for decades. As the name suggests this pump runs at a constant speed. Single-speed pumps such as our Water Tech Single Speed Pool Pumps are definitely the most affordable type, though their drawback is that they’re rather noisy and inefficient.

Dual-Speed Pumps

Dual-speed pool pumps are a step in the right direction in terms of efficiency. They come with a lower and higher speed setting, meaning you don’t have to constantly run them at full speed. Most pool owners run their dual-speed pumps at a lower speed almost all the time. The only time they are turned up is when they are vacuuming of heating the pool. On average, dual-speed swimming pool pumps are 50-70% more energy efficient than their single-speed counterparts.

Variable-Speed Pumps

These are the most technologically advanced pool pumps and are on average 90% more efficient than their aforementioned counterparts. Variable speed pumps such as Water Tech Variable Speed Pool Pumps use a permanent magnet motor instead induction motors. They are digitally controlled and allow users to set the exact flow rate that they desire. Additionally, variable speed pool pumps last longer, are quieter, run cooler and vibrate less.

If you want the latest in swimming pool pump technology then a variable speed pump is your ideal choice.