A beginner’s guide to flocculants

A beginner’s guide to flocculants

Pool flocculants, also known as flocc, make quick work of clearing up your cloudy pool water. After being added directly to the pool water floc causes cloudy water particles to clump together and sink to the bottom of your pool. Your job is to then vacuum the clumped up “clouds” from the bottom of the pool and voila! You now have crystal clear water.

Difference between flocculants and clarifier:

Pool flocculants can often be confused with clarifiers, as they perform the same job in different ways. With pool floc it’s up to you to manually vacuum cloud particles from the bottom of the pool. Whereas clarifier requires less work, as your pool filter does the job. Here’s how you clean your pool using flocculant.

How to clear up your pool with floc:

Begin by adding floc directly to your water. Make sure that your pool is running for the next two hours to give the chemical and water a good chance to mix. Then turn your pool off and let it sit still for the next 8 hours – it’s best to perform this service overnight.

You’ll notice a cloud on the bottom of your pool the next morning. It’s time for a manual clean up – an automatic cleaner won’t cut it!

Set your vacuum to waste. Water will be vacuumed out of your pool, so make sure that you have a running hose in it to fill your pool with fresh water. A couple of rounds of vacuuming will be necessary. Cloud clumps may move around as you vacuum your pool. Just take a break and let them settle. Then continue to vacuum your pool again.

This is the quickest way to clear up a cloudy pool – ideal if you’re hosting a pool party in a few days’ time.

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Pool Magic Powder Floc (Aluminium Sulphate)

Trusted granular form clarifier to clear very cloudy pool water

1000g/Kg Aluminium Sulphate
Improves filtration

Clarifies swimming pool water

Raise pH to 8.2 in order to achieve best results
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide
Pre-dissolve in a bucket of water and then distribute the mix over the entire swimming pool
Allow the sediment to settle (this may take between 24 – 36 hours)
Vacuum to waste

Code: PMF002

Pack Sizes Available:
Flexi: 2Kg (8 units/carton), 25kg

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